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Photoshop Elements Tutorials by Troutfoot Media

Now available, the latest TeachMac-based multimedia tutorial guide to Photoshop Elements 4, developed by Troutfoot Media

Now available!

Photoshop Elements 4 - Welcome

Photoshop Elements 4 - Toolbox

Photoshop Elements 4 - Menus

These tutorials are equally useful for those wishing to learn the Mac version 4 or Windows versions of Photoshop Elements.

Simply download the TeachMac player, open it, and download and install these inexpensive multimedia video tutorials.

The Photoshop Elements 4 Welcome module is free!

Coming soon: Photoshop Elements 4 - Filters


Free iPhoto mini-tutorial: iPhoto2Web

For a free tutorial on how to use iPhoto to compress images for the web, click here: iPhoto2Web

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